In this section, you will find interviews from most of the family about the last ten years of racing:  "Ten Questions With...". There are also a couple of newspaper articles from local papers and a television interview from 1998.

    May 24, 1997, a blue 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo pulled into East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville, NC. The words were all hand painted on the car and very crude. The driver ended up putting the car on the pole and winning the race in his first ever stock car race. On that late May day, Keith Copeland in his #79 A-Bomber car began a family tradition that has been ongoing ever since.

     A couple of months later, Keith's nephew, Brad, joined in on the fun and was competitive. All-in-all, eight family members have raced at the 3/8 mile, high-banked track in eastern North Carolina. Most of us have been successful. All of us have been competitive. We have also competed at Southern National Speedway in Kenly NC, Wayne County Speedway in Pikeville NC, and Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville NC.

     Keith went on the win a Championship in 1998 in the A-Bomber division. So far he is the only one of us that has won a championship. Brad and Charles have both come close, scoring runner-up finishes in a couple of years.  Hank has finished third in points as well.

     We, as a racing family, would like to express our thanks to all the sponsors that have helped us get to the track for the last ten years. We would also like to thank all of our fellow racers who have helped us when we have been caught in a rough spot. There is no other sport where a competitor would help you prepare or fix something, and then battle against you tooth and nail on the track. Racers are a big, supportive family. We are grateful to be a part of it.

     Last, but definitely not least, all of us would like to thank, with all of our hearts, our family. The wives, mothers, grandparents, and all of the rest of our loving family - the Copelands and the Mizelles - who supported and continue to support what we love to do. Thank you and we love you all. We may not see you as much as we would like (and as much as you would like) during racing season, but we always have you on our minds and in our hearts.

Here's to another ten wonderful years........