Photos marked with an asterisk (*) are courtesy of ECMS/Doug Boyd

2004 - Keith Copeland - Stock Look Alike All photos open in a new window
Keith's new ride for 2004 - the #8 Chevrolet Camaro Keith and car owner Bobby Harris pose with the #8 Photo-op on the frontstretch of ECMS 4/01/04:  Braxton, Keith, and Bobby check out the #8*
4/03/04:  First lap, fourth turn accident that wrecks Keith* 4/03/04:  Not a good way to start the season - on the hook* 5/08/04:  Nichols (10) leads Keith and Hyatt (9)* 5/29/04: Keith and Toler (09) lead the field during a heat race*
5/29/04:  The #8 exits turn four during the heat race* 5/29/04:  Oakley (28) pressures Keith coming to the finish* 5/29/04:  Keith's hood flies up as it loses a hood pin* 6/05/04:  Keith qualifies the #8 Camaro*
6/26/04:  Gibson (50) looks inside Keith for position* 7/17/04:  Keith tries to hold off a charging Thomas (7)* 7/17/04: Nichols leads a very loose #8. Hold on, Keith!* 7/24/04:  Murphy (M6) races with Keith for position*
7/24/04:  Wilson (18) and Hyatt (9) both pass Keith* 8/07/04:  The crowd watches as Keith qualifies the #8* 8/07/04:  After qualifying, Keith rests before the race 8/07/04:  Keith attempts an outside pass on Hyatt (9)*
8/07/04:  Oakley (28) and Keith battle out of turn two*