For over ten years, our family has raced at tracks in eastern North Carolina, mainly East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville, NC. Click on each driver's picture to find out more about them and their racing statistics. They are listed in order of their first race.
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Keith's first race:  May 24, 1997
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Brad's first race:  June 21, 1997
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Brandi first race:  April 4, 1998
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Charles' first race:  June 20, 1998
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Roy's first race:  April 3, 1999
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Braxton's first race:  April 29, 2000
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Chuck's first race:  July 15, 2000
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Hank's first race:  May 25, 2002
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     Here's how we're related:  Keith is Braxton and Brandi's father. Keith is Charles' brother. Charles is Chuck and Brad's father. Hank is Charles' brother-in-law. Roy is Keith's father in law. Did I leave anyone out? Are you as confused as I am?